• 2020

    Development of KF AD anti-droplet mask production Line08

    KF94 3D Mask Line installed07

    BBB Chemical cleaner installation06

  • 2019

    123M Korea Mask(Lyan) Manufacturing Line

    06MEP Container Inspection Transfer Cart Line

    05Nanjing Valeo Coil Line (2)

  • 2018

    3M Mask assembly Line installed12

    Nanjing Valeo Coil Line (1)04

  • 2017

    10Certificate of Risk Assessment Company

  • 2016

    Explosion-proof Body automation line installed12

    BOE CHINA AOI LINE installed09

    Rinnai Korea 3D Transfer installed05

    Certificate of Company-Specific Approved Exporter03

  • 2015

    12Haier CHINA Drum production line installed

    083M CHINA H/H Press installed

    073M CHINA 80” Vision Press

    063M KOREA CPC Valve Assembly Line installed

    05Haier Drum production line installed

    04SEOJIN MOTORS Park Pawl installed

  • 2014

    Midea CHINA Oven Single Robot Line installed10

    3M H/H Press installed08

    Midea CHINA 2D Tranafer installed05

    GALANZ CHINA 3D Transfer installed03

  • 2013

    11Daewoo Tianjin Shuttle Line installed

    09Midea Curling M/C installed

    06Nanjing Valeo Automatic Transfer Line

  • 2011

    DENSO PS Press Line08

    3M KOREA OCA Die Cut M/C03

  • 2010

    11CE certification

    10Vision Press installed in Poland

    10Certificate of Inno-Biz

    02Certificate of ISO 9001

  • 2009

    Development of POPP(Pick & Place)08

    Vision Press installed in China03

  • 2007

    10Development Rotary Cutter

    10Vision Press installed in Japan

    06Vision Press installed in Taiwan

  • 2005

    Development of vision auto press11

    Selected as the business with technological innovation by the business administration08

  • 2003

    10Development of single acting robot (CAM type)

    03Development three-dimensional transfer

    01Development NC Leveller Feeder

  • 2001

    Capital increased to 4 billion won12

    Patent application - operation status detection system and control method08

    Certificate of Venture Company07

    Development of the two-dimensional transfer05

  • 2000

    10Development super speed NC roll feeder

    08Incorporated as DaeYang tech co., Ltd.

  • 1998

    Established DaeYang tech10